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Episode 2

The Whipple, Post-Op, and Complications

In this episode, Mo recounts undergoing Whipple Surgery in New York City at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital. In addition, Mo shares her thoughts on the post-surgery recovery period and the toll the surgery took on her.


Jason: Welcome back to the Mo Chronicles: navigating pancreatic cancer. This episode picks up with Mo as she undergoes, what is considered the Magnum Opus of a cancer surgeons, repertoire, the Whipple surgery.Okay. We are here to talk about your pancreatic cancer journey and where we're at right now in the story is you've qualified for the Whipple surgery from a gentleman named dr. Jarnagin up at Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York city, 

Mo: which made me very happy, 

Jason: which made you very happy. You're back in Florida, you live in South Florida, and it sounds like you have about a two week period to wait until dr. Jarnagin, gets back from his overseas conference for your surgical dates. And I'm just curious what, what happened during those two weeks? What, what did you know, what were you thinking? What emotions did you feel? What did you do to pass that time?

Mo: well, first of all, I found a general physician. Oh primary care, which was very exciting.

very nice man. little crusty, however, very nice. he evaluated it, the preliminary reports that I had gave him and he said, 

Jason: We'll refer to him as Dr. Crusty, 

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