Episode 3 

The Cumulative Effect of Chemotherapy

In this episode, Mo goes deep on the chemotherapy chapter of her treatment. Sharing the good (chemo friends) and bad (the cumulative effect of chemo), Mo offers her perspective on an atypical 5 month period. 


Jason: Welcome back to the Mo Chronicles: navigating pancreatic cancer. This episode picks up with Mo as she is about to begin her first chemotherapy treatment after undergoing the Whipple surgery. Though, Mo will not readily admit it, she was struggling physically at this point, having pushed back the start date for chemo by a week, such that she could have more strength for what was to come.

Mo: Okay back again, 

Jason: we're back and we're talking chemo. 

Mo: We're talking chemo.

Jason: Okay. So talking about your pancreatic cancer journey and we've covered early onset symptoms, or I should say symptoms, 

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Bonus Content: Jason (Mo's Son) surprise mo in Florida during her last chemo session...