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Episode 4

Post-Chemo, Survivor's Guilt, and Complete Remission

In this episode, Mo shares her unanticipated setbacks after chemotherapy and the guilt she often feels having survived Pancreatic Cancer. Finally, Mo shares some parting thoughts as she reflects on being in official remission.


Jason: Welcome back to the Moe Chronicles navigating pancreatic cancer. This final episode picks up with Mo as she finishes her chemotherapy and has an unexpected series of events just when she felt that she was turning a corner in her battle with pancreatic cancer. Here we go. So this episode is about chemo is just finished. This is October 21st, October 21st or 22nd, 2014. This is the post chemo phase of your pancreatic cancer saga. And it didn't go as planned at this point. From what you've told me, you kind of thought, Hey, I get to October 21st  successfully. And I finished up my last chemo treatment. Everything's great. I'm back to normal, but it didn't go that way. 

Mo: So, so I had my last chemo, October 21st, 2014. You never forget that day. just as your Whipple date, you never forget. and yeah, I thought, okay. I have a week. It has to get out of my system. Okay.

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